16 Aug

5 Steps To Make Your Fiction Story Compelling   

fiction writers for hire  writing can be a challenging process because as opposed to non fiction writers for hire , it is not just based on straight-up facts and information. Instead, it involves the elements of narrative and creating writing which transforms your ideas to engaging words and gives your readers a story they can’t put down. 

To create a compelling fiction story, follow these 5 useful steps below.  

Create an engaging plot: One of the most important elements of fiction writing is creating a plot that is compelling to your readers. Transforming a great story idea into powerful words will require you to weave in the layers of your story effectively from beginning to end. The story should make sense to the audience and keep them invested in the storyline. 

  • Build relatable and believable characters: Your readers will be able to connect more with characters that have flaws and weaknesses. Building characters that have motives for all their actions is an important aspect to consider in fiction stories. Make a believable story arc for your main characters so that your readers can connect and empathise with them.   
  • Write natural dialogue: The dialogue and conversations should flow naturally between the characters and shouldn't appear forced. The way your characters narrate the story and communicate with other people, should reflect their background, upbringing, and knowledge in the story.   
  • Expand reader’s imagination: One of the reasons that readers opt for reading fiction stories is to think beyond what exists in their normal lives. Describing the little details about the objects in your story builds an imagery in the reader's head and makes the scene feel true and relatable.   
  • Add relevant content: Finally, whatever genre you choose to write about, it is crucial to self-edit your manuscript to check if your story progresses in a sensible way. Edit line by line to remove basic grammar and punctuation errors, which is followed by addressing the plot holes in your story. This will help retain the relevance and engage the readers effectively.           

How To Improve Developmental Editing of Your Story 

So you have finished writing the first draft of your novel, short story, or a novella, and need to make some changes to your story. You may have shared it with beta-readers and received feedback about something missing in your story.

 For a book that easily goes through the publishing process, it’s important to prepare it accordingly to show it to agents. You will need to polish it twice or thrice before reaching that level. 

To begin with, incorporate the feedback and suggestions of your beta-reader and see where you may have missed out on. Is the structure of your novel sound? Do the scenes progress well? The answers to these questions will help you spot the gaps and address the elements of a sound structure in your story. 

Whether your book contains simple or complex characters, they should have clear goals, plans, and motives for their actions and connect with the readers. See if your characters are inconsistent and if they follow the character arcs well. 

Address elements that affect the primary narrative of your novel. The story should progress sensibly and consistently from inciting incident, rising action, climax, up to resolution. Each of these elements of narrative should also be focused separately. See if the pacing is rushed and needs time to add things to make it slow, in order to match it with the pacing and sequence of other components of your story. 

It’s also important that the setting or backdrop reflects the main theme of your book and stays relevant with particular scenes. Finally, the theme of your story should come across as clear and effective and reflect the main idea of the story. Check if memoir writers for hire  the characters and scenes appear counterproductive to convey your point, and make changes subtly to give your readers the moral of your story in an effective way.

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